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Tortillas/Wraps (with Sourdough discard)


450g AP or bread flour

180g Water (±)

300g Ripe starter| discard | Poolish

130g Olive oil

7g Salt

A little flour to roll out the Tortillas.


1) Mix all dry ingredients together.

2) Mix all wet ingredients together.

3) Combine wet and dry mixtures.

4) Knead briefly until smooth.

5) Cover and allow to rest for 30 mins to 3 hours.

6) Tipp out the dough and divide into approximately 52g pieces.

(makes about 20 Tortillas)

7) Shape into rounds.

8) Lightly dust the counter with flour and roll out the tortilla. (Until almost translucent but not to the point of tearing)

9) Heat a heavy pan/skillet to medium heat.

10) Gently place the disc of dough onto the heated pan and start rolling out

the next Tortilla.

11) Keep an eye on the Tortilla in the pan and flip it over as soon as lots of

bubbles have formed and it has started to puff up nicely.

12) Bake until the Tortilla has a few brown (not black) spots - check the

underside of the Tortilla!

13) Remove from the heat and place on a large plate lined with a kitchen towel.

14) Continue rolling out and baking the Tortillas until you run out of dough.

15) Enjoy the Tortillas with your favourite fillings.

16) The extra Tortillas can be wrapped in tinfoil and frozen for later use.

Note: These Tortillas are pretty versatile and freeze beautifully. They can be used as wraps, flatbreads to mop up rich gravies or stews, and are delicious filled with cheese and tomatoes and toasted in the sandwich press.

Babette's Bread Ltd.

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