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Babette's Story

During the final two years of her BA LLB degrees, Babette became obsessed with bread baking and often found herself baking through the night. After graduating, Babette decided to trade law for bread baking and travelled to Vermont, USA to apprentice with the late French Master Baker Gerard Rubaud. The apprenticeship involved the learning of old school artisan bread baking techniques as well as the cultivation and maintaining of a traditional French Levain. Babette brought her sourdough culture "Maggie" back to SA in 2013, where she supplied restaurants, delis and coffee shops with fresh bread on a weekly basis and hosted bread workshops until 2020. Currently based in Vancouver, Canada, Babette aims to share her love of bread and cooking from scratch internationally.


Babette offers bread workshops to beginner, intermediate and advanced bakers. It is her mission to get more people to bake and enjoy their own homemade bread.

Coming from a family with Afrikaans, Greek and Italian roots, Babette has a passion for simple, honest and wholesome food. If you've always wanted to bake your own bread, make your own yoghurt or ricotta or just want to live (and eat) with more intention, awareness and appreciation, welcome to the family! Through her classes, upcoming recipe book, blog, and podcast, Babette hopes to break bread and share a wholesome meal with you! 

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